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Checklist for Scan:

- Anyone that will be entering the property must wear cloth booties

- Leave the door open for all rooms that should be scanned

- All lights should be turned on, blinds or shades must be open for maximum light

- Animals should be locked-up, moving subjects during scan create artifacts in the process

- Make sure there is a clear pathway to all places

- All unwanted items must be removed, such as cups, dishes, cloth, pictures..etc


The Property is Ready:

The Property is Ready:

I am verifying the property is ready for the professional scan and will be scanned AS IS upon arrival of the iXi-3D photographer. If the property is not ready upon arrival of the photographer, a reshoot fee is applicable and the agent/homeowner will need to reschedule.

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Payment Terms: Due upon receipt, must be paid within 48hrs

Invoices are sent via email

Payments are processed through Square, Inc. payment system.

Pay with: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check


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