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    3D Tour

    Walk-through a space as if you are there live

    " do it right the first time..."

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Why the 3D Showcase


The latest, powerful and cutting-edge visualization technology that can produce the most realistic and immersive tour for home, office and commercial property.

Visit the interactive







Different view options are available for every showcase


3D Virtual Walkthrough Tour

Navigate the space from room to room as if you are actually there live! Have a 360-degree view to see every detail within the space



Dollhouse View

Fly over a property to have a bird's-eye view. Not only it is fun and friendly, access any part of the property from here, take measurement, remodel, and re-furnish



2D Floor Plan View

Traditional way of viewing a space with floor plan is also included in 2D.

Available for download


Outdoor Photography

can be

included when necessary



All showcases can be customized:

Add tags, labels, and descriptions anywhere in the model to highlight all best features

Embed videos, images, audio to the showcase

Post the showcase on social media sites

More, add 360° view from a fixed point to have an effect similar to google street view





  • - Immerse buyers
  • - Win more clients
  • - Have 24/7 open-house
  • - Attract long distance potential buyers
  • - Simply, this can be your best marketing tool


If you have multiple floor plan options, one floor-plan followed by well crafted 360 virtual-tour can be a great benefit. Help future renters on their decision making.



If you have an online store or not, this is another alternative to show your enticing store and products.






Save time and money. A project status can be best communicated with interactive visual demonstartion.




Elevate your portfolio. Add virtual tour to your presentation, make it 10x more gratifying with this cutting-edge technology.


Bars/ restaurants/ clubs, create a showcase to promote your venue with an exclusive personal virtual walkthrough.

Great ambiance is as important as the food, drink, and service.

... just many possibilities

The Process


How long would this process be...

Often the process will take approximately 8-24 hrs, depending on the size of the project

For our customer's convenience, if an area photographed earlier in the day, we often will have one preview ready for approval by the end of the business day

Any space done after 2 pm will be processed and ready for review by the following day

All showcases must reside in one main server to work properly.

How long will it take to photograph

Depending on the size of the area, often time it will take 1.5 - 2hrs to photograph an area,

eg. 1,000 sq.ft or less area will need 1.5hr to prep the area, photograph, and edit on location

We service Denver and all surrounding areas in Colorado

Travel arrangement is available, please do requests with a reasonable time

Where and How to view the showcase...

Once the showcase is processed, edited and approved for quality assurance, then it can be accessed:
- on MLS as a virtual tour linked to a text or a button
- on MLS as a virtual tour linked to an image
- on a website embedded
- on a website as a menu link

All models can be accessed from any devices, mobile, tablet or desktop




What more to get...

Lifetime hosting of the model, on MLS listing until property sold or no longer needed

Model branding with your company name, contact information...etc

Unlimited quality captured images (JPG format at 1920 x 1080 pixel)

FREE editing of text during lifetime of the model such as contact details, branding information...etc

You can add unlimited tags, labels, and notes to areas where is needed on the showcase

Unlimited pictures of the exterior part of the property


0 > 1000 sqft


1001 - 2000 sqft


2001-3000 sqft


3001 - 4000 sqft


4001-5000 sqft


5001 - 6000 sqft


6001 - 7000 sqft


7001 - Over sqft



Price Includes:

-Branded or Non-Branded Link to Showcase
-HTML embed code for your website
-360 Detached Scans
-2D Schematic Floor Plan
-CoreVR for Virtual Reality
-HDR High Quality Photos
-Mattertags and Labels
-1 Year 3D Tour Hosting

Publish to Google Street View

  • Business Listings — retail and restaurants
  • Places of Interest — museums and landmarks
  • Multifamily — apartment complexes
  • Travel and Hospitality — hotels and resorts
  • Vacation & Short Term Rentals — nightly rentals only
  • Commercial Real Estate — office spaces
Street View publication costs $14.99 per space
*Private homes (residential real estate) cannot be published to Google Street View

Google’s Terms of Service

Coverage Area:

We service all areas within 35miles radius from Denver, Colorado
All orders outside the free coverage area will have additional $50 trip fee